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Leave the Rat Race. Join our Pack.

Welcome to the first leveraged yield farming application on NEAR Protocol.

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You’re in a Good Company!

In Unity and Simplicity We Trust

Owned by the community, PembRock Finance is a place where newcomers and OGs can earn as lenders or farmers with up to 3x leverage.

With our native interface, it's easy to make crypto profits as well as learn the ins and outs of the exciting decentralized world.

How to start

Choose how to earn

  • Use additional liquidity

    Borrow funds and farm with leverage to get a higher APY.

  • Fund Farmers

    Lend your tokens to other participants for great rewards.

  • Get protocol profit

    Stake PEM to claim your share of protocol profits.

Top PembRock Pools

Greater Profits Unlocked

Boost your portfolio — leveraged yield farming gives participants the opportunity to increase their stake with borrowed funds to maximize their profits.

True NEAR Experience

Supported by the NEAR Foundation, PembRock plays an essential part in the NEAR ecosystem. We’re about farming, but you can use PEMs on any NEAR DEX as well.

Even More Power to You

Trust PembRock. We’re sharing everything we know ourselves, supporting our fans to get more profits with proven strategies.

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Unlock the Power of PEM

PembRock Finance’s native token supports the financial ecosystem, rewards stakers and farmers, and provides a governance tool for the community.

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Get even more PEMs!

Be among the first to join our LP incentivization program on Ref Finance.

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  • Obtained grant from NEAR Foundation
  • Developed contract architecture, vesting contract, borrow/lending mechanics, and basic yield farming
  • Early investors brought onboard
  • Vesting contract deployed on the mainnet & web application launched for early contributors
  • Developed position liquidation mechanics
  • Integrated with Rainbow Bridge
  • Partnership established with leading NEAR Projects (Meta Yield, Skyward, Ref Finance)
  • Successful completion of the $PEM Token IDO
  • Listing on DEXes
  • Launch of the LP incentivization program
  • Smart contract audit
  • Creation of basic user guides and educational content
  • Launch of the complete app on the mainnet
  • Enabling staking
  • Integration with NEAR farming platforms
  • Launch of the PembRock DAO
  • Creation of an educational hub for the community
  • New partnerships and integrations
  • UI/UX improvements to the application
  • Adding new farms and assets to the platform

Let’s Farm!

Connect your cryptowallet to start using the app right now.