Leveraged yield farming isNEAR

PembRock Finance is the first leveraged yield farming application on NEAR Protocol. Benefit from greater liquidity for larger yields — all on the NEAR blockchain!


$PEM Token IDO

Last chance to get PEM Token at a fixed price before listing on DEXes


Greater Profits Unlocked

Boost your portfolio — leveraged yield farming gives participants the opportunity to increase their stake with borrowed funds and maximize their profits.

Managed by Community

Our community is in the driver’s seat of PembRock Finance’s development and evolution.

Supported by Near Foundation

PembRock Finance has been created with the support of the NEAR Foundation, which delivers grants to developers wishing to expand the NEAR ecosystem with new financial tools.

How to earn with PembRock Finance?

Use additional liquidity

Borrow funds and farm with leverage to get a higher APY.

Invest and earn

Lend your tokens to other participants and earn up to 10% APY.

PEM Token

PembRock Finance’s native token will support the financial ecosystem of the platform, reward early adopters, and provide a governance tool for the community.

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Strictly Audited

Before deploying to the mainnet, PembRock is thoroughly audited and tested for security.

Our Partners

Development Goals

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Milestone 1Done

  • Research of Ref.finance
  • Development of crypto-economics
  • System token

Milestone 3Done

  • Application simple front-end
  • Borrow/lending mechanics
  • Basic yield farming
  • Liquidating positions

Milestone 5

  • Audit of smart contracts
  • Last changes to crypto-economics
  • Deployment to the mainnet
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Milestone 2Done

  • Contract architecture
  • Vesting contract
  • Ref. finance integration
  • Landing page development

Milestone 4In progress

  • Reinvest mechanics
  • Final leveraged yield farming
  • Front design with all functionality
  • Deployment of smart contracts to the testnet
  • Creation of PEM-NEAR liquidity pool

Igor Stadnyk

Founder and CEO with a software development background and a proven track record of launching and leading blockchain projects since 2012. Corgi devotee and Lead Rocker at PembRock.

Back-end teamlead

Vitalii Dmytrenko

CTO with more than 2 decades of experience in software and hardware development, reverse engineering, and cybersecurity research. Cypherpunk. Web3 & DeFi advocate.

Front-end teamlead

Oleksandr Molotsylo

Lead Web Developer with over 10 years of experience developing in different programming languages. Blockchain fan for the last 4 years. Mentor, JS, and ReactJS teacher.


Ivan Skrypachov

CPO with 5+ years in Product IT. Guided by gained experience, Ivan smoothly manages teams of up to 30 people and builds processes from scratch. SCRUM guru.


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