The PEM Team

Bringing broad blockchain development experience, the PEM team knows how to deliver great solutions for DeFi and Web3.


We Are

  • 13+ professionals

  • Supported by INC4

  • Backed by the NEAR
    Foundation and Team

PembRock Team

  • Founder and CEO with a software development background and a proven track record of launching and leading blockchain projects since 2012. Corgi devotee and Lead Rocker at PembRock.


    Igor Stadnyk

    Founder and CEO

  • CTO with more than 2 decades of experience in software and hardware development, reverse engineering, and cybersecurity research. Cypherpunk. Web3 & DeFi advocate.


    Vitalii Dmytrenko


  • CPO with 5+ years in Product IT. Guided by gained experience, Ivan smoothly manages teams of up to 30 people and builds processes from scratch. SCRUM guru.


    Ivan Skrypachov


  • Head of Marketing backed by versatile project experiences in Marketing and Communications for over 4 years. NEAR HODLER.


    Sofia Pidturkina

    Head of Marketing

  • Interface Creator driven by more than 6 years of experience in Product Design and focusing on blockchain projects for the last 3 years. User-friendly interface ninja.


    Vladyslav Kindra

    Interface Creator

  • Lead Web Developer with over 10 years of experience developing in different programming languages. Blockchain fan for the last 4 years. Mentor, JS, and ReactJS teacher.


    Oleksandr Molotsylo

    Lead Wed Developer

  • Project Manager with 3+ years of experience who can find the best solution for any project. Highly motivated participant of blockchain-related projects with adorance to the NEAR Protocol ecosystem.


    Dmytro Samoilov

    Project Manager

  • Blockchain Engineer with 5 years of development experience. Blockchain addicted and Rust enthusiast. Founder of his university's Rust club.


    Oleksii Kuznietsov

    Blockchain Engineer

  • Blockchain Engineer with broad experience working with smart contracts and blockchain development. Cheerful coder who loves to code.


    Vladyslav Svinkin

    Blockchain Engineer

  • Web Developer with development expertise of 2 years in blockchain and performance marketing industries. JS, React, and Node.js wizard.


    Volodymyr Udovychenko

    Web Developer

  • Web Developer with more than 2 years of successful development background. React, JS, and Python professional.


    Vitalii Melnychenko

    Web Developer

  • Web Developer with development expertise of 3 years. NEAR Certified Developer.


    Ivan Kharchenko

    Web Developer

  • Community Manager with 3+ years of experience in marketing and business psychology. In love with social media and friendly conversations.


    Anastasiia Kohut

    Community Manager